Class HttpAuthenticationChannelProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
AuthenticationChannelProvider, Provider

public class HttpAuthenticationChannelProvider extends Object implements AuthenticationChannelProvider
Takashi Norimatsu
  • Field Details


      public static final String AUTHENTICATION_CHANNEL_ID
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    • session

      protected KeycloakSession session
    • formParams

      protected<String,String> formParams
    • realm

      protected RealmModel realm
    • clientAuthAttributes

      protected Map<String,String> clientAuthAttributes
    • cors

      protected Cors cors
    • httpAuthenticationChannelUri

      protected final String httpAuthenticationChannelUri
  • Constructor Details

    • HttpAuthenticationChannelProvider

      public HttpAuthenticationChannelProvider(KeycloakSession session, String httpAuthenticationRequestUri)
  • Method Details

    • requestAuthentication

      public boolean requestAuthentication(CIBAAuthenticationRequest request, String infoUsedByAuthenticator)
      Description copied from interface: AuthenticationChannelProvider
      Request the authentication(AuthN) and authorization(AuthZ) by an authentication device (AD) to the external entity via Authentication Channel.
      Specified by:
      requestAuthentication in interface AuthenticationChannelProvider
      request - the representation of Authentication Request received on Backchannel Authentication Endpoint
      infoUsedByAuthenticator - some value to help the AD to identify the user
    • checkAuthenticationChannel

      protected void checkAuthenticationChannel()
    • completeDecoupledAuthnRequest

      protected SimpleHttp completeDecoupledAuthnRequest(SimpleHttp simpleHttp, AuthenticationChannelRequest channelRequest)
      Extension point to allow subclass to override this method in order to add data to post to decoupled server.
    • close

      public void close()
      Specified by:
      close in interface Provider