Class FullNameLDAPStorageMapper

All Implemented Interfaces:
Provider, LDAPStorageMapper

public class FullNameLDAPStorageMapper extends AbstractLDAPStorageMapper
Mapper useful for the LDAP deployments when some attribute (usually CN) is mapped to full name of user
Marek Posolda
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    • onImportUserFromLDAP

      public void onImportUserFromLDAP(LDAPObject ldapUser, UserModel user, RealmModel realm, boolean isCreate)
      Description copied from interface: LDAPStorageMapper
      Called when importing user from LDAP to local keycloak DB.
      isCreate - true if we importing new user from LDAP. False if user already exists in Keycloak, but we are upgrading (syncing) it from LDAP
    • onRegisterUserToLDAP

      public void onRegisterUserToLDAP(LDAPObject ldapUser, UserModel localUser, RealmModel realm)
      Description copied from interface: LDAPStorageMapper
      Called when register new user to LDAP - just after user was created in Keycloak DB
    • proxy

      public UserModel proxy(LDAPObject ldapUser, UserModel delegate, RealmModel realm)
      Description copied from interface: LDAPStorageMapper
      Called when invoke proxy on LDAP federation provider
    • beforeLDAPQuery

      public void beforeLDAPQuery(LDAPQuery query)
      Description copied from interface: LDAPStorageMapper
      Called before LDAP Identity query for retrieve LDAP users was executed. It allows to change query somehow (add returning attributes from LDAP, change conditions etc)
    • getUserAttributes

      public Set<String> getUserAttributes()
      Description copied from interface: LDAPStorageMapper
      Method that returns user model attributes, which this mapper maps to Keycloak users
      Specified by:
      getUserAttributes in interface LDAPStorageMapper
      getUserAttributes in class AbstractLDAPStorageMapper
      user model attributes. Returns empty set if not user attributes provided by this mapper. Never returns null.
    • getLdapFullNameAttrName

      protected String getLdapFullNameAttrName()
    • getFullNameForWriteToLDAP

      protected String getFullNameForWriteToLDAP(String firstName, String lastName, String username)