Class ProxyClassLoader


public class ProxyClassLoader extends ClassLoader
Erik Mulder Classloader implementation to facilitate loading classes and resources from a collection of other classloaders. Effectively it forms a proxy to one or more other classloaders. The way it works: - Get list of classloaders, which will be used as "delegates" when loaded classes or resources. - Can be retrived from provided classloaders or alternatively from the provided classes where the "delegate classloaders" will be determined from the classloaders of given classes - For each class or resource that is 'requested': - First try all provided classloaders and if we have a match, return that - If no match was found: proceed with 'normal' classloading in 'current classpath' scope In this particular context: only loadClass and getResource overrides are needed, since those are the methods that a classloading and resource loading process will need.