Provider Capability Interfaces

If you’ve examined the UserStorageProvider interface closely you may be scratching your head a bit because it does not define any methods for locating or managing users. These methods are actually defined in other capability interfaces depending on what scope of capabilities your external user store can provide and execute on. For example, some external stores are read only and can only do simple queries and credential validation. You will only be required to implement the capability interfaces for the features you are able to. Here’s a list of interfaces that you can implement:

SPI Description

This interface is required if you want to be able to login with users from this external store. Most (all?) providers implement this interface.

Defines complex queries that are used to locate one or more users. You must implement this interface if you want to view and manager users from the administration console.

Implement this interface if your provider supports adding and removing users.

Implement this interface if your provider supports bulk update of a set of users.


Implement this interface if your provider can validate one or more different credential types. (i.e. can validate a password)


Implement this interface if your provider supports updating one more different credential types.