Enabling Keycloak Metrics

Learn how to enable and expose metrics from the server

Keycloak has built in support for metrics. This guide describes how to enable and configure server metrics.

Enabling Metrics

It is possible to enable metrics using the build time option metrics-enabled:

bin/kc.[sh|bat] start --metrics-enabled=true

Querying Metrics

Keycloak exposes metrics at the following endpoint:

  • /metrics

The response from the endpoint uses a application/openmetrics-text content type and it is based on the Prometheus (OpenMetrics) text format. The snippet bellow is an example of a response:

# HELP base_gc_total Displays the total number of collections that have occurred. This attribute lists -1 if the collection count is undefined for this collector.
# TYPE base_gc_total counter
base_gc_total{name="G1 Young Generation",} 14.0
# HELP jvm_memory_usage_after_gc_percent The percentage of long-lived heap pool used after the last GC event, in the range [0..1]
# TYPE jvm_memory_usage_after_gc_percent gauge
jvm_memory_usage_after_gc_percent{area="heap",pool="long-lived",} 0.0
# HELP jvm_threads_peak_threads The peak live thread count since the Java virtual machine started or peak was reset
# TYPE jvm_threads_peak_threads gauge
jvm_threads_peak_threads 113.0
# HELP agroal_active_count Number of active connections. These connections are in use and not available to be acquired.
# TYPE agroal_active_count gauge
agroal_active_count{datasource="default",} 0.0
# HELP base_memory_maxHeap_bytes Displays the maximum amount of memory, in bytes, that can be used for memory management.
# TYPE base_memory_maxHeap_bytes gauge
base_memory_maxHeap_bytes 1.6781410304E10
# HELP process_start_time_seconds Start time of the process since unix epoch.
# TYPE process_start_time_seconds gauge
process_start_time_seconds 1.675188449054E9
# HELP system_load_average_1m The sum of the number of runnable entities queued to available processors and the number of runnable entities running on the available processors averaged over a period of time
# TYPE system_load_average_1m gauge
system_load_average_1m 4.005859375


Available Metrics

The table below summarizes the available metrics groups:

Metric Description


A set of system-level metrics related to CPU and memory usage.


A set of metrics from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) related to GC, and heap.


A set of metrics from the database connection pool, if using a database.


A set of metrics from Infinispan caches. See Configuring distributed caches for more details.

Relevant options



If the server should expose metrics.

If enabled, metrics are available at the /metrics endpoint.

CLI: --metrics-enabled

true, false (default)

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