Enabling Keycloak Health checks

Learn how to enable and use Keycloak health checks

Keycloak has built in support for health checks. This guide describes how to enable and use the Keycloak health checks.

Keycloak Health checks

Keycloak exposed health endpoints are three:

  • /health

  • /health/live

  • /health/ready

The result is returned in json format and it looks as follows:

    "status": "UP",
    "checks": []

Enabling the health checks

Is possible to enable the health checks using the build time option health-enabled:

bin/kc.[sh|bat] build --health-enabled=true

By default, no check is returned from the health endpoints.

Available Checks

The table below shows the available checks.

Check Description Requires Metrics


Returns the status of the database connection pool.


For some checks, you’ll need to also enable metrics as indicated by the Requires Metrics column. To enable metrics use the metrics-enabled option as follows:

bin/kc.[sh|bat] build --health-enabled=true --metrics-enabled=true

Relevant options

Type Default


If the server should expose health check endpoints.

If enabled, health checks are available at the '/health', '/health/ready' and '/health/live' endpoints.

CLI: --health-enabled


true, false


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