Open Source Identity and Access Management

Add authentication to applications and secure services with minimum effort.
No need to deal with storing users or authenticating users.

Keycloak provides user federation, strong authentication, user management, fine-grained authorization, and more.

Latest release 25.0.1

Single-Sign On

Users authenticate with Keycloak rather than individual applications. This means that your applications don't have to deal with login forms, authenticating users, and storing users. Once logged-in to Keycloak, users don't have to login again to access a different application.

This also applies to logout. Keycloak provides single-sign out, which means users only have to logout once to be logged-out of all applications that use Keycloak.

Screenshot showing a user's login screen as presented by Keycloak

Identity Brokering and Social Login

Enabling login with social networks is easy to add through the admin console. It's just a matter of selecting the social network you want to add. No code or changes to your application is required.

Keycloak can also authenticate users with existing OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 Identity Providers. Again, this is just a matter of configuring the Identity Provider through the admin console.

Diagram illustrating brokering

User Federation

Keycloak has built-in support to connect to existing LDAP or Active Directory servers. You can also implement your own provider if you have users in other stores, such as a relational database.

Diagram illustrating user federation

Admin Console

Through the admin console administrators can centrally manage all aspects of the Keycloak server.

They can enable and disable various features. They can configure identity brokering and user federation.

They can create and manage applications and services, and define fine-grained authorization policies.

They can also manage users, including permissions and sessions.

Screenshot of the admin console

Account Management Console

Through the account management console users can manage their own accounts. They can update the profile, change passwords, and setup two-factor authentication.

Users can also manage sessions as well as view history for the account.

If you've enabled social login or identity brokering users can also link their accounts with additional providers to allow them to authenticate to the same account with different identity providers.

Screenshot of the account management console

Standard Protocols

Keycloak is based on standard protocols and provides support for OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML.

Authorization Services

If role based authorization doesn't cover your needs, Keycloak provides fine-grained authorization services as well. This allows you to manage permissions for all your services from the Keycloak admin console and gives you the power to define exactly the policies you need.

Single-Sign On Login once to multiple applications
Standard Protocols OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0
Centralized Management For admins and users
Adapters Secure applications and services easily
LDAP and Active Directory Connect to existing user directories
Social Login Easily enable social login
Identity Brokering OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 IdPs
High Performance Lightweight, fast and scalable
Clustering For scalability and availability
Themes Customize look and feel
Extensible Customize through code
Password Policies Customize password policies