Keycloak Community Newsletter #1

April 01 2019 by S├ębastien Blanc

This is the very first "Keycloak Community Newsletter." The goal of this newsletter is to share news about the Keycloak project.

News from the community

Since the beginning of the year, the community has been really active. Each week several blog posts about Keycloak are published. Here is a short selection.

Let's start with Philip Riecks who explains in this article how you can use Microprofile JWT Authentication with Keycloak and React.

Ramandeep Singh has been blogging about Keycloak and NodeJS.

Joshua Alfred Erney explains in this blog series how to integrate Keycloak and Kong, a popular API management platform.

With Mohamed Aboullaite's blog post, you will learn how to secure your Kibana dashboards using Keycloak.

Finally in this three-part article, the process of installing Keycloak on Kubernetes will become very clear.

News from the project

Keycloak 5.0.0 has been released and 6.0.0 is around the corner.

From now on, new larger Keycloak's features will be openly discussed. For each new feature, a design document will be created and pushed to our Github repository as a simple MarkDown file. This strategy makes it easy for everyone to comment as well as contribute to the designs by opening Github issues and providing pull requests. We have already three documents open for discussion:

News from the Identity Management World

The big announcement, two weeks ago, was that WebAuthn became an official W3C Standard. This event is a milestone in the world of authentication and Identity Management. The goal of WebAuthn, according to Wikipedia is to: standardize an interface for public-key authentication of users to web-based applications and services. The Keycloak community is naturally really interested in this new standard. A design document is available and the community has even started to work on a prototype.

Conferences / Webinars

In March, the Javaland conference was held in Germany. The conference had two talks about Keycloak. S├ębastien blanc gave a talk about Securing your Microservices with Keycloak. A Github repository contains the demo. Thomas Darimont also gave an introductory talk in German about Keycloak.

In April, at Devoxx France, Guillaume Gillon will talk in French about how to combine Keycloak and

Contributing to Keycloak

We always welcome contributions to Keycloak. If you would like to contribute and have a great idea, tell us about it on the developer mailing list. If you are unsure about what to work on, let us know and we can help!

As a first time contributor, you may have a simpler idea to start, such as contributing a bug fix. This type of contribution will allow you to get to know the code base, the test suite, and the mechanics of creating a pull request. You can find a list of open bugs here


We also have a list of open issues that are awaiting contributions. Not all issues are properly reviewed, so we recommend that you start by sending an email to the developer mailing list before you begin.

For each newsletter, we will also highlight a few features for which we would especially like contributions. These features include: