Keycloak 21.1.0 released

April 20 2023

To download the release go to Keycloak downloads.

Release notes


In the past Keycloak was maintained across multiple GitHub repositories:

Having multiple repositories introduced a lot of complexity and toil. For example frequently multiple pull requests had to be sent to different repositories for a single change.

To simplify things we have now migrated everything into the main repository.

FIPS 140-2 support

FIPS 140-2 support in Keycloak, which was preview in the previous release, is now promoted to be officially supported.

Experimental Account Console version 3

The Account Console version 3 is now available as an experimental feature in Keycloak. This version supports custom fields created with the 'User Profile' feature. If you are looking to try it out and provide us with some early feedback you can enable it as follows:

bin/ start-dev --features=account3

Changes to Keycloak Authorization Services support in Keycloak Java-based Adapters

As part of the removal of the deprecated adapters, the Keycloak Policy Enforcer was extracted from the adapters code base into a separate dependency:


By providing this dependency, we expect making it possible to integrate the policy enforcer with the Java stack of your preference.

It also provides built-in support for enabling the policy enforcer to Jakarta applications protected with Wildfly Elytron.

For now, this dependency is not yet GA as we are still working on the quickstarts and documentation.

This work should not impact existing applications using the deprecated adapters.

Javascript engine available by default

In the previous version, when Keycloak was used on Java 17 with Javascript providers it was needed to add the Nashorn javascript engine to the distribution. This is no longer needed as Nashorn javascript engine is available in Keycloak server by default.


Before upgrading refer to the migration guide for a complete list of changes.

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