Keycloak certified as FAPI and Brazil Open Banking provider

06 January 2022 by Marek Posolda

Important security vulnerability discovered

23 December 2021 by Stian Thorgersen
A flaw was found in Keycloak version from 12.0.0 and before 15.1.1 which allows an attacker with any existing user account to create new default user accounts via the administrative REST API even when new user registration is disabled.

How to Integrate Keycloak for Authentication with Apache APISIX

21 December 2021 by Xinxin Zhu & Yilin Zeng

Keycloak 16.1.0 released

20 December 2021

Keycloak 16.0.0 released

17 December 2021

Keycloak 15.1.1 released

17 December 2021

Keycloak 15.1.0 released

10 December 2021

Keycloak.X Update

28 October 2021 by Stian Thorgersen
It's been quite some time since we announced the plans around Keycloak.X, two years in fact. Due to other priorities we've been a bit distracted, but now it's finally full speed ahead.

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