Interface FormAction

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    RegistrationPassword, RegistrationProfile, RegistrationRecaptcha, RegistrationUserCreation

    public interface FormAction
    extends Provider
    Fine grain processing of a form. Allows you to split up the processing of a form into smaller parts so that you can enable/disable them from the admin console. For example, Recaptcha is a FormAction. This allows you as the admin to turn Recaptcha on/off even though it is on the same form/page as other registration validation.
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    Bill Burke
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      • buildPage

        void buildPage​(FormContext context,
                       LoginFormsProvider form)
        When a FormAuthenticator is rendering the challenge page, even FormAction.buildPage() method will be called This gives the FormAction the opportunity to add additional attributes to the form to be displayed.
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        form -
      • validate

        void validate​(ValidationContext context)
        This is the first phase of form processing. Each FormAction.validate() method is called. This gives the FormAction a chance to validate and challenge if user input is invalid.
        context -
      • success

        void success​(FormContext context)
        Called after all validate() calls of all FormAction providers are successful.
        context -
      • requiresUser

        boolean requiresUser()
        Does this FormAction require that a user be set? For registration, this method will always return false.
      • configuredFor

        boolean configuredFor​(KeycloakSession session,
                              RealmModel realm,
                              UserModel user)
        Is this FormAction configured for the current user?
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        realm -
        user -