Class AuthorizationProvider

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    public final class AuthorizationProvider
    extends Object
    implements Provider

    The main contract here is the creation of PermissionEvaluator instances. Usually an application has a single AuthorizationProvider instance and threads servicing client requests obtain PermissionEvaluator from the evaluators() method.

    The internal state of a AuthorizationProvider is immutable. This internal state includes all of the metadata used during the evaluation of policies.

    Once created, PermissionEvaluator instances can be obtained from the evaluators() method:

         List permissionsToEvaluate = getPermissions(); // the permissions to evaluate
         EvaluationContext evaluationContext = createEvaluationContext(); // the context with runtime environment information
         PermissionEvaluator evaluator = authorization.evaluators().from(permissionsToEvaluate, context);
         evaluator.evaluate(new Decision() {
             public void onDecision(Evaluation evaluation) {
                  // do something on grant
    Pedro Igor