Class KerberosJdkProvider

  • public abstract class KerberosJdkProvider
    extends Object
    Provides abstraction to handle differences between various JDK vendors (Sun, IBM)
    Marek Posolda
    • Constructor Detail

      • KerberosJdkProvider

        public KerberosJdkProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • createJaasConfigurationForServer

        public abstract Configuration createJaasConfigurationForServer​(String keytab,
                                                                       String serverPrincipal,
                                                                       boolean debug)
      • createJaasConfigurationForUsernamePasswordLogin

        public abstract Configuration createJaasConfigurationForUsernamePasswordLogin​(boolean debug)
      • isKerberosAvailable

        public boolean isKerberosAvailable()
        true if Kerberos (GSS API) is available in underlying JDK and it is possible to use it. False otherwise
      • kerberosTicketToGSSCredential

        public GSSCredential kerberosTicketToGSSCredential​(KerberosTicket kerberosTicket,
                                                           int lifetime,
                                                           int usage)