Class SamlService.BindingProtocol

    • Field Detail

      • redirectToAuthentication

        protected boolean redirectToAuthentication
    • Constructor Detail

      • BindingProtocol

        public BindingProtocol()
    • Method Detail

      • basicChecks

        protected basicChecks​(String samlRequest,
                                                        String samlResponse,
                                                        String artifact)
      • isDestinationRequired

        protected boolean isDestinationRequired()
      • handleSamlResponse

        protected handleSamlResponse​(String samlResponse,
                                                               String relayState)
      • handleSamlRequest

        protected handleSamlRequest​(String samlRequest,
                                                              String relayState)
      • handleArtifact

        protected void handleArtifact​( asyncResponse,
                                      String artifact,
                                      String relayState)
        Handle a received artifact message. This means finding the client based on the content of the artifact, sending an ArtifactResolve, receiving an ArtifactResponse, and handling its content based on the "standard" workflows.
        artifact - the received artifact
        relayState - the current relay state
      • containsUnencryptedSignature

        protected abstract boolean containsUnencryptedSignature​(SAMLDocumentHolder documentHolder)
      • getBindingType

        protected abstract String getBindingType()
      • execute

        public execute​(String samlRequest,
                                                 String samlResponse,
                                                 String relayState,
                                                 String artifact)
      • execute

        public void execute​( asyncReponse,
                            String samlRequest,
                            String samlResponse,
                            String relayState,
                            String artifact)
      • getExpectedDestinationUri

        protected URI getExpectedDestinationUri​(KeycloakSession session)
        KEYCLOAK-12616, KEYCLOAK-12944: construct the expected destination URI using the configured base URI.
        session - a reference to the KeycloakSession.
        the constructed URI.