Class LDAPObject


public class LDAPObject extends Object
Marek Posolda
  • Constructor Details

    • LDAPObject

      public LDAPObject()
  • Method Details

    • executeOnMandatoryAttributesComplete

      public void executeOnMandatoryAttributesComplete(Set<String> mandatoryAttributeNames, Consumer<LDAPObject> consumer)
    • isWaitingForExecutionOnMandatoryAttributesComplete

      public boolean isWaitingForExecutionOnMandatoryAttributesComplete()
    • getMandatoryAttributeNamesRemaining

      public Set<String> getMandatoryAttributeNamesRemaining()
    • getUuid

      public String getUuid()
    • setUuid

      public void setUuid(String uuid)
    • getDn

      public LDAPDn getDn()
    • setDn

      public void setDn(LDAPDn dn)
    • getObjectClasses

      public List<String> getObjectClasses()
    • setObjectClasses

      public void setObjectClasses(Collection<String> objectClasses)
    • getReadOnlyAttributeNames

      public List<String> getReadOnlyAttributeNames()
    • addReadOnlyAttributeName

      public void addReadOnlyAttributeName(String readOnlyAttribute)
    • removeReadOnlyAttributeName

      public void removeReadOnlyAttributeName(String readOnlyAttribute)
    • getRdnAttributeNames

      public List<String> getRdnAttributeNames()
    • setRdnAttributeName

      public void setRdnAttributeName(String rdnAttributeName)
      Useful when single value will be used as the "RDN" attribute. Which will be most of the cases
    • setRdnAttributeNames

      public void setRdnAttributeNames(List<String> rdnAttributeNames)
    • addRdnAttributeName

      public void addRdnAttributeName(String rdnAttributeName)
    • setSingleAttribute

      public void setSingleAttribute(String attributeName, String attributeValue)
    • setAttribute

      public void setAttribute(String attributeName, Set<String> attributeValue)
    • getAttributeAsString

      public String getAttributeAsString(String name)
    • getAttributeAsSet

      public Set<String> getAttributeAsSet(String name)
    • isRangeComplete

      public boolean isRangeComplete(String name)
    • getCurrentRange

      public int getCurrentRange(String name)
    • isRangeCompleteForAllAttributes

      public boolean isRangeCompleteForAllAttributes()
    • addRangedAttribute

      public void addRangedAttribute(String name, int max)
    • populateRangedAttribute

      public void populateRangedAttribute(LDAPObject obj, String name)
    • getAttributes

      public Map<String,Set<String>> getAttributes()
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object obj)
      equals in class Object
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object