Interface RoleModel

All Known Implementing Classes:
RoleAdapter, RoleAdapter

public interface RoleModel
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Bill Burke
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
    • getDescription

      String getDescription()
    • setDescription

      void setDescription(String description)
    • getId

      String getId()
    • setName

      void setName(String name)
    • isComposite

      boolean isComposite()
    • addCompositeRole

      void addCompositeRole(RoleModel role)
    • removeCompositeRole

      void removeCompositeRole(RoleModel role)
    • getCompositesStream

      default Stream<RoleModel> getCompositesStream()
      Returns all composite roles as a stream.
      Stream of RoleModel. Never returns null.
    • getCompositesStream

      Stream<RoleModel> getCompositesStream(String search, Integer first, Integer max)
      Returns a paginated stream of composite roles of this role that contain given string in its name.
      search - Case-insensitive search string
      first - Index of the first result to return. Ignored if negative or null.
      max - Maximum number of results to return. Ignored if negative or null.
      A stream of requested roles ordered by the role name
    • isClientRole

      boolean isClientRole()
    • getContainerId

      String getContainerId()
    • getContainer

      RoleContainerModel getContainer()
    • hasRole

      boolean hasRole(RoleModel role)
    • setSingleAttribute

      void setSingleAttribute(String name, String value)
    • setAttribute

      void setAttribute(String name, List<String> values)
    • removeAttribute

      void removeAttribute(String name)
    • getFirstAttribute

      default String getFirstAttribute(String name)
    • getAttributeStream

      Stream<String> getAttributeStream(String name)
      Returns all role's attributes that match the given name as a stream.
      name - String Name of an attribute to be used as a filter.
      Stream of String. Never returns null.
    • getAttributes

      Map<String,List<String>> getAttributes()