Class OAuth2Code


public class OAuth2Code extends Object
Data associated with the oauth2 code. Those data are typically valid just for the very short time - they're created at the point before we redirect to the application after successful and they're removed when application sends requests to the token endpoint (code-to-token endpoint) to exchange the single-use OAuth2 code parameter for those data.
Marek Posolda
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    • deserializeCode

      public static final OAuth2Code deserializeCode(Map<String,String> data)
    • serializeCode

      public Map<String,String> serializeCode()
    • getId

      public String getId()
    • getExpiration

      public int getExpiration()
    • getNonce

      public String getNonce()
    • getScope

      public String getScope()
    • getRedirectUriParam

      public String getRedirectUriParam()
    • getCodeChallenge

      public String getCodeChallenge()
    • getCodeChallengeMethod

      public String getCodeChallengeMethod()
    • getUserSessionId

      public String getUserSessionId()