Interface CommonClientSessionModel

All Known Subinterfaces:
AuthenticatedClientSessionModel, AuthenticationSessionModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
AuthenticatedClientSessionAdapter, AuthenticationSessionAdapter, PersistentAuthenticatedClientSessionAdapter

public interface CommonClientSessionModel
Predecesor of AuthenticationSessionModel, ClientLoginSessionModel and ClientSessionModel (then action tickets). Maybe we will remove it later...
Marek Posolda
  • Method Details

    • getRedirectUri

      String getRedirectUri()
    • setRedirectUri

      void setRedirectUri(String uri)
    • getRealm

      RealmModel getRealm()
    • getClient

      ClientModel getClient()
    • getAction

      String getAction()
    • setAction

      void setAction(String action)
    • getProtocol

      String getProtocol()
    • setProtocol

      void setProtocol(String method)