Interface Condition

All Known Implementing Classes:
AndCondition, EqualCondition, NamedParameterCondition, PresentCondition, SubstringCondition

public interface Condition

A Condition is used to specify how a specific query parameter is defined in order to filter query results.

Pedro Igor
  • Method Details

    • getParameterName

      String getParameterName()
    • setParameterName

      void setParameterName(String parameterName)
    • updateParameterName

      void updateParameterName(String modelParamName, String ldapParamName)
      Will change the parameter name if it is "modelParamName" to "ldapParamName" . Implementation can apply this to subconditions as well. It is used to update LDAP queries, which were created with model parameter name ( for example "firstName" ) and rewrite them to use real LDAP mapped attribute (for example "givenName" )
    • applyCondition

      void applyCondition(StringBuilder filter)
    • setBinary

      void setBinary(boolean binary)
    • isBinary

      boolean isBinary()
    • toFilter

      default String toFilter()