Security Policy

The Keycloak team takes security very seriously, and aim to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Building secure software is a continuous process, and can always be improved. As such we welcome reports on potential security vulnerabilities, as well as suggestions around hardening the software and our process.

Reporting a suspected vulnerability

It is important that suspected vulnerabilities are disclosed in a responsible way, and are not publicly disclosed until after they have been analysed and a fix is available.

To report a security vulnerability in the Keycloak codebase, send an email to Please include the version affected, provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue, and include your contact information for acknowledgements. If you are reporting known CVEs related to third-party libraries used in Keycloak, please create a new GitHub issue.

If you would like to work with us on a fix for the security vulnerability, please include your GitHub username in the above email, and we will provide you access to a temporary private fork where we can collaborate on a fix without it being disclosed publicly.

Do not open a public issue, send a pull request, or disclose any information about the suspected vulnerability publicly. If you discover any publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities, please notify us immediately through

Supported Versions

Depending on the severity of a vulnerability the issue may be fixed in the current major.minor release of Keycloak, or for lower severity vulnerabilities or hardening in the following major.minor release. Refer to to find the latest release.

If you are unable to regularly upgrade Keycloak we encourage you to consider Red Hat build of Keycloak, which offers long term support of specific versions of Keycloak.