The future of Keycloak Operator CRs

September 02 2022 by Václav Muzikář

A while back, we have announced a new Operator rewritten from scratch to provide the best experience for the Quarkus distribution. While the legacy Operator is now deprecated and will reach EOL with Keycloak 20, the new one is already available as a preview, see the installation guide.

One of the most common concerns around the new Operator is the current lack of the CRDs for managing Keycloak resources, such as realm, users and clients, in a cloud-native way. One of the key aspects of the new Operator will be redesign of managing these Keycloak resources via CRs and git-ops. This new approach will leverage the new storage architecture and future immutability options, making the CRs the declarative single source of truth. In comparison to the legacy Operator, this will bring high robustness, reliability, and predictability to the whole solution.

Before we would consider operator ready for leveraging CRs, we expect completing several features including but not limited to:

All of this is critical to proper CRs implementation, hence the new Operator is currently missing the CRDs for managing Keycloak resources. The missing CRDs will be added once Keycloak has the necessary support for it, which is currently expected in Keycloak 21.

We have prepared a few options to alleviate the situation with missing CRDs in this repository.