For questions and if you're running into trouble, first search our documentation and mailing list. If you can't find an answer there join our user mailing list and send us an email. We'll typically answer within a few days (excluding weekends of course).

Reporting security vulnerabilities

If you've found a security vulnerability, please look at the instructions on how to properly report it.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

Before reporting a bug or feature request please:

Once you've confirmed it's not already fixed or reported please create an issue in our JIRA.



If you'd like to contribute to the Keycloak project, please join our developer mailing list. This list is used to discuss new features and improvements to Keycloak.

The first step in contributing is usually sending an email to the developer mailing list to let others know what you're planning. For a simple bug fix this is obviously not necessary, but if you plan to add a new feature discussing it on the mailing list first may save you a lot of time.

To build Keycloak from source first fork our Github repository. Then follow the steps in the README file.



Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the project.

Thanks to ej-technologies for providing free JProfiler licenses to core team members.